Atlanta InfraRED Thermal Imaging
We combine the 35 years experience in Residential and Commercial inspections with the accuracy of InfraRED Scanning. The precision of this new technology allows us to find the problem and determine its extent without any invasive methods.

InfraRED Thermal scanning is an important inspection tool for identifying heat loss, energy leaks and underlying factors that are critical to the energy usage in a commercial building or home.

Because of rising energy costs, there is a renewed focus on energy conservation throughout the world. The impact of these higher costs on the economy, the effects of green house gas emissions on the environment and the impact of escalating utility bills on businesses and households has created a serious interest in performing energy inspections with InfraRED scanning. Clearly, even a limited plan of attack on energy waste has the potential to save billions in energy costs. As an example of the energy losses that can occur in a building, the accompanying diagram of a home (below) shows that 40% of home energy losses occur through

the ceilings, with 25% through walls, 15% through windows and 10% through floors and 10% through drafts (such as unblocked chimneys, windows and doors).

While InfraRED thermal imaging helps assure that a building is sealed properly to reduce energy loss, the building inspector must also remember that air is needed for proper combustion, dilution, and ventilation. The fact is that fixing problems of energy loss through the building envelope can cause a host of new problems. Although finding and fixing thermal bypasses and air leaks may seem like the right thing to do, it can have deadly consequences if the combustion equipment in the building is not accounted for and tested prior to, during, and after repairs are made. So, if you build or seal a building tight you must ventilate right for safe combustion.

Chris Curles and Associates, Inc. uses InfraRED thermal scanning in a host of building envelope applications including home and commercial building energy inspections, remediation (post flooding or other storm damage clean up), commercial roofing inspection and electrical/mechanical maintenance programs

An InfraRED Scan will help to identify:
  • Roof Leaks and active water penetrations at the foundation in your basement and crawl space
  • Air leakage around doors and windows
  • Possible hidden Mold in walls and floors
  • Water damage in walls, floor and concealed areas
  • Poor or missing insulation in your walls, ceilings and floors
  • Electrical – overheated circuit breakers + faulty wiring in switches and receptacles aging

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