Atlanta InfraRED Thermal Imaging
We combine the 35 years experience in Residential and Commercial inspections with the accuracy of InfraRED Scanning. The precision of this new technology allows us to find the problem and determine its extent without any invasive methods.


What price range may I expect for an InfraRED inspection?

We will be happy to give you a quote after getting your information. Prices are determined by side and location of the project. Generally, prices start from $145.00, but can vary greatly from project to project such as large commercial structures.

I've heard that the InfraRED Scanning can "see through walls". Is this true?

NO. In fact, the camera shows the varying degrees of heat and cold in a location. You are hiring the competence and level of experience by the operator who actually interprets the results of the scan.

What are the real benefits of an InfraRED inspection?

An InfraRED inspection can show active water intrusion in almost any area of a building that can not be seen by the naked eye. It can show energy loss around doors and windows and poor or missing insulation in walls and ceilings. It reveals moisture accumulation and water damage in walls, floors and ceilings and can also show faulty or overheated wiring and circuit breakers. InfraRED Scanning and detect over heating from electrical and mechanical components before they can fail and cause unnecessary damage.

I have a leak which my roofer can not seem to find and repair, can InfraRED help with that?

Yes. In most cases, InfraRed scanning will show the area of intrusion and area of that intrusion. It is even more effective in concealed areas during and after a rain event.

I have a moldy smell near one of my walls, can InfraRED Scanning find mildew or mold?

Not exactly. An InfraRED scan will help to find areas of past and present water accumulations in walls, floors and ceilings While it does not actually see or test for mold it can show where mold or mildew is most likely present, or where it may form over time.

I have a room that is always colder or warmer than the rest of my house, what can InfraRED do to find out why?

InfraRED can show if there is poor or missing insulation or improperly installed windows or doors that are causing energy loss.

If you have additional questions or would like to schedule an appointment. Please feel free to contact us at any time.

An InfraRED Scan will help to identify:
  • Roof Leaks and active water penetrations at the foundation in your basement and crawl space
  • Air leakage around doors and windows
  • Possible hidden Mold in walls and floors
  • Water damage in walls, floor and concealed areas
  • Poor or missing insulation in your walls, ceilings and floors
  • Electrical – overheated circuit breakers + faulty wiring in switches and receptacles aging

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